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How Women Can Relieve Stress

Stress in men and women create different effects. Therefore women should really focus on managing their stress that is most supportive for them. Here are some tips for women to help them manage their stress.
1 Eliminate The Things That Are Not The Most Supportive Of You
It seems that people are always asking women (especially mothers!) to help with group projects like volunteering for every club activity. While many of these activities can be fulfilling, they can add up to a significant amount of stress just by filling your schedule to the brim. While it can be hard to say no sometimes, it’s crucial to your health and emotional well-being that you keep in mind that saying yes to everything means saying no to things that are supportive of you: time alone, hobbies, and other self-supportive activities. To reduce the level of daily stress, women need to create more balance in their lives. Remember, if it is honestly good for you, it will be good for everyone around you who is involved in your life.
2 Change Your Perspective on Your Life Experiences
Much of your experience with stress can be eliminated with a change in the way we look at things. This may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t! Altering the way you conceptualize the events you find stressful (viewing them without judgment “It is what it is”, for example) can actually make them feel less threatening and stressful. When you don’t perceive a situation as a threat (not viewing the situation through fear), your body’s stress response is deactivated more quickly (or doesn’t get triggered in the first place), and you’re more able to avoid the effects of chronic stress.
3 Have Some Quick Stress Diffusers in Your Toolbox

Because you can’t eliminate all stress in life (and wouldn’t want to if you could!), and because it may not be possible to stop reacting to stress (even with the most positive outlook), it’s important to have some fast stress relievers in order to reverse your stress response quickly and prevent yourself from entering a state of chronic stress. Look at this article on the 12 Keys that can diffuse stressful emotions on the spot.

You can also prevent yourself from getting into an overwhelmed state (where you’re more reactive to stress) by maintaining some regular stress relief activities as part of your schedule, such as regular meditation, more exercise, journaling, and doing your favorite hobbies. It can keep you physically and emotionally healthy. Making a regular routine of any one of these things will be useful.


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