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Wall Street Bail Out Was A Go… A little Less Stressed?

Well the Congress has gone ahead and done it. They passed the $700+ Billion rescue package for wall street, thus averting us from falling over the cliff of rapidly collapsing credit which would have caused financial problems throughout all sectors of society that rely on credit to keep their lives going and their businesses running smoothly. I do have a friend who has a business who was getting worried because the credit was drying up and she relied heavily on it to run her business, as do thousands of other businesses in the country.

With that said, what does the average taxpayer get out of it, because that is who is paying for it? Well to bring it back to the topic of stress management tips, they say that humor is a great way to relieve stress, so here is something I found on the web that should help because laughter is the best medicine.

As they say, you can get busy laughing, or get busy crying…. or something like that…

Now where is that Easy Button?

Wall Street Bail Out shirt

Wall Street Bail Out


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  1. Very nice shirt. Too bad that we’re not even going to get a kiss, much less a funny Tee. Heck, they execs are getting killer vacations, promotions to the Obama team, and so on. Talk about Golden Parachutes.

    Here’s hoping that you make some serious money with your Tee!

    Comment by Greg | October 16, 2008 | Reply

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